He’s worth the drive!


I have seen many chiropractors over the years and few stand out as being among the best.  Dr. Clint Dorn IS one of the best!  He does a great job of adjusting my neck, upper spine, and low back/sacrum area.  My neck is not always the easiest to adjust but he does a very good job of relieving pain, stiffness, restriction, etc., during every visit.  I also had an injury from a bad fall several months ago (and prior injuries), and although it is a slow recovery, I clearly am making progress because of Dr. Dorn’s care.  The key is regular visits each week and (at the very least) mild exercise in between (staying active every day), lots of rest, and plenty of water.  It is SO necessary to do our part WITH his adjustments.  I no longer live as close to his office as I did in recent months, but he is worth returning to regularly!  I highly recommend this wonderful chiropractor!

Diane A.

I have been visiting a chiropractor since I was in high school and have definitely felt the benefits a chiropractor provides.  However when I got married and moved to Hortonville, I was a little weary on finding an excellent chiropractor.  I searched the yellow pages, called numerous chiropractors and found Dr. Dorn to be the right fit.  My husband, daughter, and I have been visiting him ever since.  Dr. Dorn has provided phenomenal care for me while I was pregnant and I felt he contributed to an easy delivery.  He also has performed many exams on my 1-year-old daughter for colds, constipation, and earaches.  Everyone always says to me, “Your daughter is the perfect child.”  I firmly believe it is because of chiropractor care.  Thanks to Dr. Dorn for all his hard work.  He truly works wonders!!

Katie S. – Hortonville

“I was somewhat skeptical of chiropractic care because of a previous experience. Dr. Dorn is very professional and thorough in his exam and explanation of the treatments. Having Dr. Dorn treat my back pain for a brief period, the pain is completely gone. I will continue with occasional visits to maintain a healthy spine and reduce the chance of a major incident.

Denis L. Ashauer, Greenville, WI

Dear Dr. Dorn,

I wanted to let you know and other prospective clients know how well you are doing in your practice. I have seen many chiropractors over the course of 3 years and haven’t had one this good. No matter how much your practice has grown, you remember that your patients and your differentiating factors are the reasons for your growth.

They say in business you are not supposed to provide great customer service but extraordinary customer service. I feel you fit in this category for a few reasons.

First, you are truly committed to your patients by listening to my concerns about my wellness.

Second, you have established a system that schedules my next appointment before I leave and call me the day before so I can maintain my health.

Third, you go above and beyond for your patients in ways one would not expect. For example, my mother needed an adjustment and you were booked. All I did was call and explain the situation to you and you said come on down right now (after hours) and we can do an adjustment. That speaks volumes.

I wish you continued success in your practice!


Tammy Kolkowski

Tammy Kolkowski

Dr. Dorn is the best thing that happened to me in 2007. The reason I say this is because before I started to go to him the quality of my life was really being hindered because of the excruciating headaches I was getting (sometimes up to 5 days in a row) and the pain in my lower back. The pain in my  lower back was worse than going through child birth. I’d be in tears, couldn’t even move in bed or walk and would lose the  strength in my legs. It was like someone would all of a sudden stick a knife in m y back. Life wasn’t fun anymore and my family was very concerned. When I went to Dr. Dorn for the first time I was expecting the worst, the word “surgery.” To my surprise, I didn’t need surgery. From the moment I walked into that office, I felt the professional caring and sincere attention and care that I deserved, and it’s never anything less every time I go there.

Dr. Dorn always makes sure that you understand everything he is saying and doing and why. I drive from Menasha and believe me it’s worth the trip because of what I receive from Dr. Dorn, Jill and Kelly!  I feel like a new woman! I haven’t experienced any of the things that I was experiencing since I’ve been under Dr. Dorn’ s care. I’m now seeing him just to maintain things.   I feel like going to the highest mountain and shouting, “Thank you Dr. Dorn, for giving me my quality of life back.”

My son was also having trouble with his back and sleeping at night. So he started going there too, and is sleeping and feeling much better. Also, when my son comes home from college on the weekends, if he can, Dr. Dorn is willing to come into his office to give him a treatment when he needs one.  Believe me, Dr. Dorn and his staff are worth checking out. You feel so important when you go there and the heartfelt full attention they give you is incredible and from their hearts.

Thank You Dr. Dorn for giving me my life back!


Dawn Henrickson


Dawn Henrickson